Polis Says Things Are Going to Work Differently When the State Reopens

Apr 16, 2020

Governor Jared Polis is giving residents a glimpse of what life will look like when the stay at home order is lifted as soon as April 27th.

Credit Scott Franz

Polis says bars and restaurants will not return to normal right away. And don’t expect to go to a Rockies games anytime soon. He says some restrictions on movement will be necessary until there is a vaccine for the virus.

POLIS: As we reopen our state, things are going to work differently than they did before. We need to really implement and enshrine some of these social distancing measures in the way we live, the way we do businesses, the way we play for a matter of months…

That includes continuing to wear face masks in public and limiting how many people can be in the same space. Polis also says businesses should consider adding temporary glass barriers at work stations.