Third Annual Healthy Rivers Youth Water Summit Inspires Hope and Innovation

Dec 5, 2019

Today was the third annual Healthy Rivers Youth Water Summit. Students from six local schools met at Third Street Center in Carbondale to share presentations on topics like Health of the Roaring Fork River, Impacts of Snowmaking, Hydro Power, Grey-Water Use and more. Sarah Johnson is the director of the Youth Water Leadership Program, the group that organizes the event. She spoke about what makes this year’s summit stand out.

Quote from Sarah Johnson:

"Of all three years this year has some of the most articulate and passionate students that I have seen. Their topics are so broad it between all the different groups. And I think that such an indication that students are really paying attention, they are really curious and they’re out to change the world.  They are paying attention to the details, and I think that is inspiring. It also gives me a lot of real hope in a world that sometimes feels a little bit hopeless."