Ask the Vet

Animal fitness and health is as important to us today as our own fitness and health. Join local veterinarians to discuss timely topics important to the health of your dogs, cats or horses every third Thursday of the month. Subjects range from preventive care to treatment and behavior. Call in and try to stump the vet with concerns or curiosities about your own pet or maybe your friends' or neighbors' pets.

Traveling with Pets Advice on Ask the Vet

Jul 19, 2018
Alpine Animal Hospital

Dr. Chad Roeber of Alpine Animal Hosptial joins Beth Broome to discuss traveling with pets and summer heat!

Alpine Animal Hospital

Host Beth Broome is joined by Dr. Chuck Maker, large animal veterinarian at Alpine Animal Hospital, to talk about caring for horses in the hot summer months.

Alpine Animal Hospital

Guest Melissa Gisleson of Alpine Animal Hospital joins Beth Broome to talk about the powerful bond between humans and their pets.

Alpine Animal Hospital

Mary Fox talks about new puppies and new kittens with Dr. Chad Roeber of Alpine Animal Hospital.

Beth Broome and Dr. Sam Johnson talk about equine dentistry and answer one cat question...


Local veterinarians talk holiday hazards for pets and how to avoid them.

Beth Broome and Dr. Melissa Gisleson talk about senior pets and how to care for them.

On today's show host Mary and Beth talk about training puppies and adult dogs with anxiety and fear-free vet visits.

GW Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Sam Johnson of Glenwood Veterinary Clinic talks about equine colic - how to spot it and what to do about it.

Take Your Cat to the Vet Day on Ask the Vet

Aug 17, 2017

Alpine Animal Hospital behavior consultant Beth hosts Ask the Vet today, discussing reasons to take your cat to the vet.

Fear-Free is a new concept for handling pet stress at the vet. Click the headline for this month's Ask the Vet with host Mary Fox.  Good stuff!

Equine Care on Ask the Vet

Jun 15, 2017
Alpine Animal Hospital

Host Jane Bacharach is joined by Dr. Chuck Maker of Alpine Animal Hospital to talk about equine care in the hot and social summer months of Colorado.

Ask the Vet takes calls on KDNK third Thursdays monthly.

Mary Fox and guest offer tips on how to make your horses ready for winter.

Amy Hadden Marsh

Dr. Melissa Gisleson of Alpine Animal Hospital is today's guest.

Dr. Chad Roeber talks about canine respiratory disease and more on KDNK's Ask the Vet.