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Chemical World: Addiction in its Many Forms

Lyzzi Borkenhagan

Hosts discuss addiction in its many forms. Host Kenna Crampton shares a poem she recently wrote, and we want to hear from you! Do you have a piece of writing about addiction you want to share? Click here for more information about submission.

Chemical World hosts are asking the community to submit a recording of themselves reciting a piece that they wrote about their struggle with addiction, whether it is their own struggle or someone they are close to. These pieces can be any type of writing that someone wants to share. If you are not comfortable reading it yourself you can send it to us and we will read it on air for you.  You can record these submissions on your smart phone with the "Voice Memo" or "Voice Recorder" applications. Submit pieces to We will share submissions in our September episode.

KDNK Membership Director Kenna Crampton and Exectutive Director of High Rockies Harm Reduction Maggie Seldeen debut their new Public Affairs show Chemical World. This program aims to de-stigmatize drug addiction and mental health,  discuss different recovery models and harm reduction programs and explore evidence based practices in treating addiction. Topics will include the history of drug laws, connections between poverty and drug addiction as well as personal recovery stories. 

Kenna has been a DJ on KDNK for 9 years. She grew up at KDNK as her mom Flash has been a DJ since 1983. She hosts a music show, "Flyin' the Coop" alternating with her mom, Fridays 10-12 and has a public affairs show, Chemical World which airs every second Monday of the month 4:30pm.
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