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The Open Door

The Open Door is our first step on a journey that follows along the rhythm of our heartsong: it’s an outer manifestation of our inner quest for peace and love. Like our beautiful, one-of-a-kind planet, this music cannot be contained by a label or an idea. There’s no genre here but Love, as we aim to bring you the sounds that make you get up and fly off your feet -- to dance, or to glide, to write a poem or to volunteer to help your neighbors. We want to pull you irresistibly into a new groove you already knew…with steps you’ve never danced before, so you wonder how did you just dance them? Since this show is also about remembering -- things our ancestors once knew -- we like to sample recent adaptations of older styles of music, and we also go "back to the source" to admire the beauty of the acoustic genres and Indigenous voices that inspired them to begin with, tasting subsequent generations of culture along the way. It’s through such reinvention cycles that we come to see that all culture and all life is made of the same stuff being re-fashioned and upcycled endlessly into new and inevitably better forms.