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Support KDNK, Get Cool Swag!

Mark Duggan

There are many great reasons to support KDNK: Your financial donation goes to directly fund programming and operations.

Plus it feels good to give!

But don't forget all the great KDNK Merch available for your new or renewing membership.

KDNK has multiple membership levels, each coming with a package of cool stuff:

  • Individual ($5/mo. or $60/one-time) - Hat or t-shirt, sticker.
  • Family ($10/mo. or $120) - Hat, tee, sticker.
  • Sustainable ($20/mo. or $240) - Hat, tee, pair of socks, sticker, 1 secret stash CD.
  • Community Radio Geek ($30/mo. or $360) - Hat, tee, pair of socks, stickers, 3 secret stash CDs, record custom station ID.
  • Record Club ($1000) - Event invites, 2 hats, 2 tees, 2 pairs of socks, 2 stickers, 5 secret stash CDs, record personalized station ID.

KDNK also has some great business membership options, too! Give now in our Spring Membership Drive. You'll feel good knowing you did your part to support community radio, and you'll look good in all that KDNK Merch! Awww, yeah!

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