Tips for a Safe, Fun, COVID-free Hallowe'en

20 hours ago
Amy Hadden Marsh/KDNK

Trick or treating isn’t dead this year; it’s just a little different. KDNK’s Amy Hadden Marsh spoke with Carrie Godes, of Garfield County Public Health, about what families can do to keep it safe and fun. 


As state and local COVID numbers rise, Garfield County Commissioners are leaving mask-wearing up to personal responsibility. But, as KDNK’s Amy Hadden Marsh reports, cases continue to climb.

Healthy is the New Happy: Debunking COVID-19 Myths

Oct 26, 2020

Healthy is the New Happy hosts Natasha Lucero-Conklin and Brianda Cervantes interview RFSD school nurse Yvette Blanc to debunk some of the COVID-19 myths. Tune in to learn more about how schools are helping students stay safe and healthy as they return to in-person learning models. 


LIFT-UP Executive Director Angela Mills and newly-hired AmeriCorps VISTA Volunteer Program Manager Sophia Gielink share about recent efforts to address food insecurity in the Roaring Fork Valley.

AZYEP Youth News Team Conducts COVID Community Check In

Oct 19, 2020

The Andy Zanca Youth News Team checked in with Robin Humble, Mike Schneider, Mary Hernandez, who are teachers and small business owners in the Roaring Fork Valley about how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted their lives and their industries. 

As many of us wait to hear decisions from local schools about virtual or in-person learning this fall, the Family Resource Center wants to make sure you're prepared for the different options. Natasha Conklin and Brianda Cervantes spoke with Rick Holt, the Chief Academic Officer at RFSD, and Carrie Godes, a Garfield County Public Health Specialist, to learn about what it will take to get students back into the classroom and what it might look like. This show is brought to you by the Family Resource Center and the Andy Zanca Youth Empowerment Program. 

AZYEP Presents the Youth News Team

Sep 23, 2020

This Year's News Team, while meeting under unusual circumstances, are off to a great start. While sitting together in Sopris park, these journalists shared about their interest in news, radio, and the crises our communities are facing today.

On this episode of Dimensions in Diversity, Steve Mills interviews local therapist Janet Gordon about how LGBTQ+ students can combat isolation during COVID-19. 

Amore Realty

With the state and local mask ordinances, you may not be noticing the new faces in town. But, there are some. KDNK’s Kathleen Shannon reports.

Independent Movie Theatres Emerge from COVID Closures

Aug 28, 2020
Laura Palmisano

The movie business, like many industries, is struggling because of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has caused many movie theaters to close for months. But, some independent and chain theaters are reopening. For KVNF News, Laura Palmisano reports.

Amy Hadden Marsh/KDNK

While the Pine Gulch and Grizzly Creek Fires continue to grow in size, what about the smoke they're creating? Well, that can’t be measured in acres. KDNK’s Kathleen Shannon has more.

Andy Zanca Youth Empowerment Program's 'Healthy is the New Happy' show with the Family Resource Center discuss how parents and students can find resources that they need as the virtual school year begins.  /  El Programa 'Healthy is the New Happy' del programa Andy Zanca Youth Empowerment Program con el Family Resource Center fiscute cómo los padres y los estudiantes pueden encontrar los recursos que necesitan al comenzar el año escolar virtual. 

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Like the country as a whole, schools locally are returning to classes with a patchwork of strategies. KDNK's Raleigh Burleigh has this report.

Mind Springs Health Launches New Hotline and Care Kit

Aug 19, 2020
Mind Springs Health

The combination of wildfires, evacuations, and COVID-19 issues can be overwhelming. Mind Springs Health has launched a new, bilingual, support hotline and mental health care kit. KDNK’s Amy Hadden Marsh spoke with Mind Springs Health Clinical Operations Manager Jackie Skramstad for the details. The bilingual hotline number is 877.519.7505.

Coronavirus cases in Garfield County spiked during the month of July, averaging 81 new cases per week from June 29th to July 26th. Now that trend seems to be heading in a more positive direction. KDNK’s Lucas Turner reports.

Hunger Free Colorado

You’ve probably heard of EBT--the electronic transfer system for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance, or SNAP Program. But, did you know there’s pandemic-EBT? KDNK’s Kathleen Shannon got the details from Anya Rose, Public Policy Manager at Hunger Free Colorado. 

For months staff, administration, students and their families in Garfield County’s RE2 School District have been preparing to return of classes for the Fall 2020 Semester. KDNK’s Lucas Turner has more on how the district plans to keep everyone safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kathleen Shannon

Roaring Fork Transportation Authority, or RFTA, reinstated fare collection and front-door passenger boarding August 1st. Both practices had been suspended since late March due to COVID-19. KDNK’s Kathleen Shannon has this report.

Colorado Mountain College

At a special meeting on July 29, Colorado Mountain College trustees unanimously approved endorsing a measure to repeal key aspects of the Gallagher Amendment. The measure was passed by the Colorado General Assembly and certified for the 2020 ballot on June 12. According to CMC Chief Operating Officer and Chief of Staff Dr. Matt Gianneschi, the economic impacts of COVID-19 stand to deeply exacerbate the conditions set forth by the Gallagher Amendment.

Raleigh Burleigh/KDNK

UpRoot Colorado has already donated 782 pounds of fruits and vegetables to local food pantries this season. KDNK's Raleigh Burleigh spoke with Westslope Director Ciara Low to learn more.

Tracking the coronavirus pandemic could soon be a bit easier because of one simple fact: everyone poops.

Around the world , wastewater plants have become unlikely sentinels in the fight against the virus, allowing scientists to track the disease's spread at the community level. The practice of testing sewage samples is spreading across Western U.S. states as well, with programs currently running in Utah, Nevada, Arizona and California.

This story was powered by America Amplified, a public radio initiative.

The U.S.-Canada border crossing north of Eureka, Mont., is quiet these days. No buses or vans packed with mountain bikes and vacationing families. Just a single logging truck. 

"No traffic hardly at all," says David Clarke, owner of the First & Last Chance Bar and Duty Free Store.

Gov. Jared Polis is ordering restaurants and stores to stop selling alcohol after 10 p.m. each night in an effort to prevent inebriated residents from spreading coronavirus.

Polis said the earlier last call is needed because young adults have become the top spreaders of coronavirus in Colorado.

Gage Skidmore (Flickr)

U.S. Senator Michael Bennet is about to head back to Washington DC for three weeks of work before a longer summer recess begins in August. Economically the stakes couldn’t be higher in our local communities with so many businesses impacted by the novel coronavirus. In Hotchkiss on Wednesday, KVNF reporter Gavin Dahl asked him if he thinks a new bipartisan COVID relief package is possible in Congress.

Colorado is the latest state in the Mountain West to issue a mask requirement, joining Nevada and New Mexico. 

Lucas Turner/KDNK

The Weekly News Reel takes a look at the top local and regional news stories aired on KDNK between Monday and Friday. This week’s news includes local responses to the recent COVID-19 spike and Colorado's statewide mask mandate plus Bureau of Land Management's lack of leadership, KDNK's Mountain Fair Memory Machine and much more.

"Box It In" Strategy Hopes to Slow COVID Spread

Jul 17, 2020
prevent epidemics

Confirmed cases of COVID-19 are on the rise in Colorado. And, Pitkin, Garfield, and Eagle counties are working together to stem the tide. At a Pitkin County community meeting Thursday, health officials talked about the best strategy they have to fight the spread of the virus. KDNK’s Amy Hadden Marsh has this report.

Colorado Statewide Mask Mandate Begins Midnight Friday

Jul 16, 2020

Colorado’s new statewide mask mandate goes into effect at midnight Friday. KDNK’s Amy Hadden Marsh has this report.

Garfield, Eagle and Pitkin counties Thursday announced a coordinated regional testing strategy for COVID-19. For links to testing information by county, click the headline.


The rise of COVID-19 cases locally is affecting the Latino demographic with notable prominence. KDNK's Raleigh Burleigh has more on why this might be.