Darren Houser

Pups Just Want to Be Pampered

May 20, 2021
University Animal Clinic

...in an oat bath! On this episode of Ask the Vet, Darren and Dr. Louise Marron tell us more about this and other treatments for our pets' food and environmental allergies.  Also: signs of allergic reactions and methods for allergy testing. And, let's not forget about other reasons to itch: ticks & fleas!

The Vets Review Spay and Neuter Basics

Feb 18, 2021

Dr. Melissa Gisleson and Nurse Darren discuss when to spay dogs of different sizes and breeds, helping pets prepare for the procedure and the best ways to heal, including...the dreaded cone.

Finding Your Perfect Pet Match on Ask the Vet

Jan 21, 2021
Alpine Animal Hospital

What factors should you consider when adopting a pet? This month, Alpine Animal Hospital Vet Dr. Louise Marron and nurse Darren Houser talk about the importance of considering factors like time, finances, other pets, home-size, activity levels, and more when finding the right pet for you. 

Pet Cancer Awareness Month on Ask The Vet

Nov 19, 2020
Ask the Vet

Do you know about pet-friendly sunscreen? A caller hears about this and other ways to prevent, detect, and treat cancer in our pets from Alpine Animal Hospital veterinarian hosts Dr. Louise Marron and Darren Houser.

Ask the Vet Observes Pet Obesity Awareness Month

Oct 15, 2020
Les Chatfield, Flickr

Alpine Animal Hospital veterinarians Angela Durkac and Darren Houser inform listeners about pet obesity: it's consequences and methods for prevention.

Veterinary Technician team leader Emily Yannarella talks to colleague and fellow Certified Veterinary Technician Darren Houser about the day-to-day responsibilities of Veterinary Technicians and nuances in technical specializations and certifications across the country. They also answer live caller questions, and share guidance for overcoming fear and providing a positive experience during check ups or while taking care of our pets at home.  Examples include high incentive rewards like smelly foods, special pheromones, alternative strategies for schedule check ups, anti anxiety medications and more.