Lucas Turner

Geekspeak Gets Geeky

Nov 18, 2019

Today on Geekspeak, News Director Lucas Turner and Matt Mcbrayer talk about Disney+, getting pwned and other fun topics.

KDNK Geeks Matt McBrayer, Louie Girardot, and News Director Lucas Turner answer tech questions live on air. Topics include Windows upgrading, churning memory and "good tab hygiene."

News Brief: Man Shot by Police in Rifle

Aug 7, 2019
Lucas Turner/KDNK

A Rifle man died Monday after being shot by Rifle police. The Garfield County Coroner said Wednesday that two gunshot wounds to the chest caused the death. The two police officers are on administrative leave. For this week’s News Brief, Amy Hadden Marsh talks with KDNK News Director and Rifle resident Lucas Turner about what happened on Monday before the investigation began.

Geekspeak Talks Reddit

Aug 5, 2019

Matt McBrayer is joined by KDNK's new news director Lucas Turner to chat about Reddit, 4chan and other online forums and resources.

Gavin Dahl / KDNK

On Booked, host Gavin Dahl is joined by Brent Gardner-Smith of Aspen Journalism and new KDNK news director Lucas Turner to talk about News That Matters. Brent will host an event with that name on August 13th at Aspen Meadows Albright Pavilion with Richard Tofel of ProPublica. Lucas Turner comes to KDNK after 5 years running CMC Radio, as well as becoming an adjunct faculty member at age 22, and winning the Glen-X startup prize of $10,000 last year for his production company Level Head. 

Lucas Turner, of Level Head Audio, is the radio instructor at Colorado Mountain College, and a strong advocate for Radio CMC. He speaks to station manager Gavin Dahl on Express Yourself about winning the $10,000 prize from Glen X and why he's so passionate about radio storytelling.