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Diane Johnson

This time on Senior Matters, Diane Johnson speaks with Jorie DeVilbliss, who's been providing support and sometimes overlooked services for seniors through "Git'er Done Girls" and "Hometown Tech." Diane has recently downsized and moved to Crystal Meadows. Jorie talks about how she helps facilitate similar moves for her clients.

Bill Kight

This month on For Land's Sake, host Bill Kight updates listeners on the State of the Rockies, an annual report from Colorado College. He also talks about the CORE Act, increased ATV usage, and takes calls from listeners.

Kathleen Shannon

KDNK welcomes Carbondale Arts and other local arts organizations into the Express Yourself fold! Amy Kimberly updates listeners on artistic happenings around the valley. Light the Night with Love organizer Barb Frota co-hosts and gives a sneak peak into the event.

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Aspen native Reuben Sadowsky joins Gwen to talk about how he is bringing his conscious business experience to the new Beyul Retreat (previously the Diamond J). His values of honoring the land, personal and spiritual well-being, conscious community, and artful living are all expressed through the Beyul vision and mission.

Aspen Homeless Shelter

This month on Other Plans, host Abby Gierke talks to Vince Savage about his lifetime of work with social justice. He reflects on his time working alongside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at Ebenezer Baptist Church. These days, he's Executive Director of the Aspen Homeless Shelter.

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This month on Immigrant Stories, hear from Chas and Marco Salmen, who grew up in the Roaring Fork Valley and went on to work as doctors at North Memorial Hospital in Minneapolis. Here, they reflect on working in medicine during the pandemic and the death of George Floyd. This interview is in two parts. Click this post to hear both.

The Geeks

This month on Geekspeak, hosts plus foreign correspondent Donna talk about cryptocurrency, alternative messaging programs, VPN, and speakers.

Raleigh Burleigh

Host Diane Johnson encourages seniors to break out their spikes and get their winter walks in safely! Mary Kenyon of Valley Meals and More calls in from her own evening walk to talk about her work in the senior community, the importance of volunteers, and more.

Dispatch from the Undisputed Motorhead Capitol of the West

Jan 8, 2021
Jon Kovash

If you recreate in Moab much, you’ve probably noticed the increasing number of ATVs and UTVs on both roads and trails in the area. And you’ve probably noticed that they’re LOUD. In a special created by radio producers Jon Kovash and Josie Kovash, Moab community members fed up with noise and other impacts associated with these vehicles speak out about quality of life issues, community health, and the environment.

Gwen Garcelon

Host Gwen Garcelon offers listeners a chance to let go of 2020 and embrace the possibilities in 2021, as well as face ongoing challenges with empowerment and purpose. She encourages practices like learning deep resiliency, practicing active hope, gathering around food, and cultivating The Force: yes, the Star Wars one.

Wikimedia Commons

This month on The Tactile Traveler, hear about the newest trending fashion for medical providers: lots and lots of personal protective equipment. Get some tips on packing your suitcase, keeping track of your credit cards, and making Amtrak travel more enjoyable. Plus, take a trip to democracy!

Buh-Bye 2020: A KDNK Audio Collage

Dec 31, 2020
Amy Hadden Marsh/KDNK

Enjoy an audio collage of the unique content on KDNK's airwaves this year, including live original music, love letters to KDNK, new Mountain Fair traditions, bloopers, voices you know and love, and some dude with a French accent(?). From everyone at KDNK, thanks for keeping our community resilient and our airwaves wacky. Happy New Year!

Fresh Eyes Gets the Inside Scoop on Roundabouts

Dec 29, 2020
Hannah-Hunt Moeller

Fresh Eyes is a KDNK Public Affairs program getting to know a place by exploring what you notice and wonder about through the eyes of a newcomer, Hannah-Hunt Moeller. As curiosity leads her to explore the Roaring Fork Valley, she hopes that even locals may reconsider aspects of our community with fresh eyes. In this month's episode, she asks: What's with all the roundabouts?

Jerome Osentowski

Perhaps one silver lining of 2020 is how much food was grown by home gardeners! This month on Living Permaculture, KDNK's Kathleen Shannon speaks with Jerome Ostenowski about projects that gardeners can add to their repertoires to make their yards and gardens even more sustainable. They chat about raising rabbits, composting, and taking advantage of Colorado's abundance of fruits.


Is a robot vacuum cleaner on your holiday tech gift wish list? It's on foreign correspondant Donna's! The geeks also chat about the iPad Pro 11, the SolarWinds hack, and managing your tech company stocks. 

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Ever wonder what it's like to be a war correspondent facing danger on the front lines while history is in the making? This month on Other Plans, host Abby Gierke talks with former conflict correspondent, Loren Jenkins, about being a journalist during the Vietnam War, finding truth in journalism, winning a Pulitzer Prize, and much more. 

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For the last seven years, Elizabeth Velasco, a medical translator, has been helping Spanish speaking members of our communities navigate hospitals and clinics. This month on Immigrant Stories, she describes how the COVID pandemic has impacted the Latinx communities in Garfield, Pitkin, and Eagle counties.


This episode of Senior Matters first aired in November, 2019, when host Diane Johnson spoke to Lift-Up Executive Director Angela Mills. Lift-Up is a local nonprofit creating a bridge to empowerment and self reliance.

Bill Kight

This month on For Land's Sake, host Bill Kight speaks with Sarah Johnson, founder of Wild Rose Education. She defines what environmental education means to her, what that looks like during a pandemic, and the importance of considering social equity in the field.

The Geeks

With the holidays coming up, the Geeks and foreign correspondant Donna Dalton say 2021 could be the year for Christmas in July. They also debate opting in to COVID-19 contact tracing and could there be vaccination tracing?

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Elizabeth Herald returns to Shifting Gears and recalls who attended her self-led, coming-of-age ceremony on Cortez Island: the wilderness and a wolf. 

Chris Cohen Photography

Local farmers have needed to adapt to a strange business year this growing season. This month on Living Permaculture, Harper Kaufman talks about her business Two Roots Farm in Basalt.

Highwater Farm

On United Way Cares, Farm Director Sara Tymczyszyn and Farm Program & Events Coordinator Anna Thomas reflect on Highwater Farm's first season. They chat with host Traci about the successes of the year, the huge roles their volunteers play, and plans for next year. Plus, Anna explains her swift transition from the PeaceCorps in Senegal to the garden in Silt. 

Pet Cancer Awareness Month on Ask The Vet

Nov 19, 2020
Ask the Vet

Do you know about pet-friendly sunscreen? A caller hears about this and other ways to prevent, detect, and treat cancer in our pets from Alpine Animal Hospital veterinarian hosts Dr. Louise Marron and Darren Houser.

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What comes to mind when you think of a librarian? Man? Woman? Old? Young? This month on Other Plans, unlearn the myths of the stereotype with Basalt Regional Library's Youth Services Librarian, Caroline Cares.

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Brisa Chavez is Garfield County's 2020 recipient of the Humanitarian Award for Community Empowerment. Here she describes the challenges and threats the Coronavirus poses for immigrant families in the County's communities.

The Geeks

Louie Girardot and Matt McBrayer are KDNK's trusted geeks. In this week's show, they encourage critical engagement with news media and remind listeners to jiggle their cables and restart devices. Donna calls to talk about Google Lens.

Geekspeak airs twice monthly on KDNK. It's a live call-in tech show with Matt McBrayer, Louie Girardot, Foreign Correspondent Donna, and occasional special guests. Hear past episodes here.

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This month, Senior Matters falls on Veterans Day! Diane calls up retired U.S. Airforce Colonel Gregory J. Rosenmerkel to talk about service and the evolution of the Department of Veterans Affairs.


In December 2019, Bill Kight interviewed author John F. Ross about The Promise of the Grand Canyon: John Wesley Powell's Perilous Journey and His Vision for the American West.

Alya Howe

This month on The Inner Game, Gwen catches up with local performing artist Alya Howe who is a local dancer and storyteller, among other things. They talk about her spiritual background, ways she seeks peace, and the power of storytelling.