Now less than seven months away from a general election that could be held under the shadow of the coronavirus pandemic, Sen. Elizabeth Warren unveiled a plan to radically reshape voting to respond to the emergency.

It's a massive set of proposals that shows where the more liberal section of the Democratic Party wants to take Democracy, even if Republican lawmakers in the Senate and the White House have made it clear that such changes are political nonstarters.
Erik Hersman

Presidential Primary ballots for Garfield, Eagle and Pitkin County residents go out in the mail today. KDNK’s Lucas Turner has more details.

Aspen voters go to the polls Tuesday in the first March general election in town history. They'll decide on a new mayor and two council members. Also on the ballot is a question about whether to approve a major redevelopment plan at the base of the west side of Aspen Mountain. The Lift One project, as it's known, has been the subject of some passionate argument on either side. KDNK presents a point/counterpoint on the proposal. Allyn Harvey, who is a paid member of the Yes on Lift One campaign, speaks in favor. Steve Skinner, who is not a resident of Aspen, speaks in opposition.

Longmont resident Ingrid Moore went to the state Capitol on Tuesday carrying a stack of maps she said illustrates why Colorado should change the way it chooses U.S. presidents.

"Over 57 percent of all the 2016 campaign events were held in just four states," she said as lawmakers on the House State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee reviewed the map. "Virtually all campaign events ... were held in just 12 states. And those 12 states just have 30 percent of the population."

Elizabeth Steele


Last week President Trump dissolved his Election Integrity Commission with an executive order. As Elizabeth Steele, Election Director for Colorado Common Cause, tells KDNK’s Raleigh Burleigh, the commission’s legacy may go forward under the Department of Homeland Security.

Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams stated that more than 1,400 of the 5,000 that deregistered following his announcement that Colorado would give requested information to the commission have since re-registered.


Sopris Sun reporter Megan Tackett and editor William Grandbois visited the KDNK Studio to discuss 2017 Garfield County Ballot Issues with KDNK’s Raleigh Burleigh.

All around Colorado, county clerks have mailed ballots to voters ahead of Election Day on November 8th. News director Gavin Dahl talked to Colorado Common Cause elections director Elizabeth Steele about everything you need to know to make sure your vote gets counted this year. She also helps run Just Vote Colorado Election Protection.