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5Point highlights in the future of film

Students sit attentively and zoom past as films begin during Five Point Film's student programming.
Hattison Rensberry
Students sit attentively and zoom past as films begin during Five Point Film's student programming.

Last week was the 16th annual 5Point Film Festival, and two of the events were standouts to watch. KDNK covered the Student Film Program and spoke to students about the experience.

After watching the program chosen specifically for the students while listening to teens cheer excitedly for the film subjects, we caught up with a couple of the students. First, we spoke with Kenji Cruz, a senior from Yampah High School.
"The one that stuck with me was, I think it was the second one, uh, with there was the skateboarding. And they were giving out, well not exactly giving out, but they had this little kind of store to, to give out food to people who couldn't like, afford to buy it at an actual grocery store. It stuck with me 'cause when, uh, I grew up in Mexico, uh, a lot of the stores that were around were, didn't have like proper groceries. So like the fact that they do that in somewhere, at least it, it kind of make me feel like, uh, it could be other people who are, could not get access to like proper food like that are getting that access."

Then, we spoke with 6th grader Tyler Gardner from Carbondale.
"Probably the biking one with the prosthetic leg because it really stood out and just keeps you to keep, tells you to keep on going and, To keep on your dreams and everything like that."

Also over the weekend, 5Point Film Festival’s finalists for their Adventure Pitch event gathered in the Roaring Fork Valley in hopes of being awarded a 15-thousand dollar prize. The majority of pitches focused around women’s stories, and featured various themes of inclusion involving body type, age, ability, and gender. Budgetary needs from the filmmakers varied between 12-thousand and 70-thousand dollars.

The final winner was Kirk Horton of Boulder, for his pitch “The Olde Men of the Mountain”. Horton is an experienced filmmaker, and this film that will be presented at 5Point next year follows a team of 65 and up runners from Pennsylvania and their centenarian captain as they compete in the annual Tussey Mountainback 50-mile relay race. Horton has had three previous films featured at 5Point.

Last year’s winner of the inaugural event was a film about connecting with nature through travel by Boulder filmmaker and journalist Ryan Ernstes that showed at 5Point this season.

Hattison Rensberry has a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design and Drawing, but has worked for newsrooms in various capacities since 2019.
She also provides Editorial Design for the Sopris Sun.