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Pitkin County Residents Told to Stay Home In Latest Public Health Order

Pitkin County Public Health has ordered new restrictions that further prevent the spread of COVID-19 by limiting contact between people, primarily through a stay-at-home order.

The updated order includes stronger direction for people to remain at home, and to limit movement and gathering with other individuals who are not in their immediate family. Leaving the house is permitted only for "essential activities" such as:

  • Performing tasks essential to health and safety like obtaining medical supplies
  • Obtaining necessary services or supplies like food
  • Engaging in outdoor activities while still complying with social distancing guidelines
  • To perform work providing services or productions at an "Essential Business"

Aside from performing "minimum basic operations" non-essential businesses are instructed to close.  Essential businesses are encouraged to remain open but should follow social distancing and other prevention techniques at all times. The full list of essential businesses can be found on pages 8 and 9 of the public health order.

The order also directs visiting tourists to head home. County Manager Jon Peacock says “For their protection and the protection of the community, we are asking the tourists to follow the national and state direction to head home.”

Pitkin County Public Health is also rolling out a new "Community Symptom Tracker" program Tuesday. Community Health Director Karen Koenemmann says “This program is going to allow community members to report their symptoms to help us get a better understanding of the scope of the spread of the disease.”

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