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Neighborhood Heroes Making Sure Every Carbondale Resident Knows How to Get Help

Neighborhood Heroes

As part of the Carbondale Mutual Aid Group and Emergency Taskforce, residents Emily and Debbie Bruell are spearheading a new program called “Neighborhood Heroes.” They spoke to KDNK’s Lucas Turner about how it works. For more on how to sign up as a neighborhood hero, click the headline.

To be a Neighborhood Hero, start by signing up here to be the point person for your street or a nearby area.

They will match you up with a list of 30 or so homes and set you up with leaflets to safely deliver door to door.

The leaflets will provide a list of coronavirus-related resources, plus your own contact info. If any of your neighbors have questions or requests for assistance, they’ll know they can contact you. When they call, you’ll handle their requests if you can, or else pass them on to the group.

Read more about it by clicking here.

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