Alejandra Rico Bustillos


"This Train" is a world music show that offers a kaleidoscope of the beats, songs and rhythms created by all sorts of talented and diverse artists from different countries and cultures around our globe. One of my earliest memories of me as a child (I was 2 years old at the most) is remembering my aunt Nena Rico carrying me excitedly in her arms to our kitchen window to witness what to me was one of the most impressive things in my world: a train, crossing and blowing its horn right in front  from where we lived. I remember feeling a sense of great excitement, wonder and amusement every time I would see that huge thing making its loud noise appearing and leaving in a matter of minutes. Trains have always made a big impression in me as they make me feel a sense of power and freedom.This fascination with trains and Ella Jenkins' version of "This Train (Is Bound For Glory) by Woody Guthrie, made it easy for me to name my show "This Train". I like to imagine that we all are getting on board every other Saturday at noon on This Train of wonder, exploration, glory, and yes, freedom. Freedom for our minds to tap into something deeper, ancient and that connect us all beyond words, ideas, stories and cultures: music. Music from the world because we can be freer by realizing that our reality is just one of many and that this fantastic human experience offers a deep well of endless possibilities of expressions. I'm inviting through the music I play in the show, all of us grown up children to listen with the ears of that little child we all once were, where amusement, curiosity and openness was (and for many of us still is) our way to witness this divine world. As I happen to be from my beloved Chihuahua, Mexico, I bring my deep love for my Latino heritage into the show with immense gratitude for the opportunity to share one of the most magical cultures in the world through some of the music that I play. Gracias por escuchar mi programa, lo hago y disfruto con todo mi corazon :) 

Ways to Connect

El Colectivo, a local Latino arts group, will stage a reading of Draw Me a Lamb by Juarez playwright Karmina Fanjul at the Launchpad on Saturday, August 12 at 7pm as a benefit for Ms. Fanjul's children's theater group in Juarez. KDNK's Alejandra Rico spoke with Carlos Herrera in the studio, and Karmina Fanjul from Juarez. You'll also find a partial transcription of the chat in the Sopris Sun, here.