DJ Rickdiculous


DJ Rickdiculous is a sub on KDNK who used to host Flow Diggity. His fans are kind of obsessed.

20. French Vanilla- How Am I Not Myself?

19. Surfaces- Where the Light is

18. Free Nationals- Free Nationals 

17. Rapsody- Eve

16. blackwave.- ARE WE STILL DREAMING?

15. Kaytranada- BUBBA

14. Schwey- Schwey

13. The Dip- The Dip Delivers 

12. Karen O and Danger Mouse- Lux Prima 

11. Bibio- Ribbons 

10. Choosey & Exile- Black Beans 

09. Dojo Cuts- Tomorrow's Gonna Come 

08. Louis Futon- Way Back When 

07. The Mystery Lights- Too Much Tension!

06. Refs- Stories

05. Sault- 5

Originally from Mexico, El Javi is now a resident of Colorado, and he finally made it up to the mountains, despite bald tires, to play a few gigs in the valley and to appear on Flow Diggity with DJ Rickdiculous on KDNK. He played solo flamenco guitar and chatted about his art and his life. We heard several songs from his five CDs, and he played four songs live: Trip, Olivia, California and Recuerdo a Paco.