Gwen Garcelon

Public Affairs Host, DJ

My life’s commitment is to nurture and expand the innate capacity in myself and others to embody a world of beauty, unity, health and justice. As a staff member of the international citizen action group RESULTS, I coached and trained volunteer political advocates world-wide in the movement to end poverty for over a decade. I learned about being a game-changer by working alongside visionary leaders like Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Muhammad Yunus, Lynne Twist of The Hunger Project and Founder of The Pachamama Alliance, and Marshall Saunders, Founder of the Citizens Climate Lobby.

As an executive and life coach, my deep joy is in helping people to create breakthrough personal and professional relationships and an “inner game” capable of generating the thriving world they know is possible. My work is my stand for the power of people to transform the world as they become more authentic, loving and whole expressions of their life’s purpose.

Susan Brady

Susan Brady is the founder of the 2Forks Club, a non-profit lending club making 0% interest loans to local food enterprises in the area. She talks about how her spiritual development inspires her as an elder to keep discovering the deeper contribution she can make with her life.

Bill Kight

Bill Kight once worked for the Forest Service protecting sacred indigenous sites. Here, he shares with Gwen Garcelon his perspective on fire and relationship to place.

Brad Jarvis is founder of The Inner Activist, a Canadian nonprofit organization supporting change makers in developing the emotional intelligence and resiliency necessary for the collective transformation they are leading in the world. He shares about his own personal development journey motivated by his desire to heal the internal wounds he inherited from his family’s Holocaust trauma.

On today's show, Gwen Garcelon took the absense of a guest as an opportunity to share a deeply personal experience and the lessons that she gather from it.

Woody Tasch, founder and chairman of the Slow Money Institute, shares with host Stephanie Syson and guest host Gwen Garcelon about his newest book.


Sotantar is a yoga teacher, manager of MANA Foods and a Roaring Fork Valley native. Here she shares about her journey.

Rev. Shawna Foster

Reverend Shawna Foster, minister for the Two Rivers Unitarian Universalist church in Carbondale, talks about the intersection between spirituality and activism on The Inner Game.

Gwen Garcelon shares about radical self love with Amy Hutton, sustainable agriculture specialist, and Chris Beebe, architect and founder of GoBeMap app to support a healthy and consciously engaged lifestyle while on the road away from home..

Aaron Taylor

Aaron Taylor, director of the Way of Compassion Foundation and Bicycle Project, shares about the marriage between his spiritual practice and soulful passion.

Stephanie Syson

This month’s guest is Stephanie Syson, partner in two local agricultural businesses – Biodynamic Botanicals and Dynamic Roots. She is a mother, biodynamic farmer, local food entrepreneur, and lover of life. Hear about how our relationship to the earth is healing us and guiding us to a thrivable future.

Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park

Steve Beckley, an avid caver since childhood, founded the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park with his wife Jeanne in 1998. Host Gwen Garcelon speaks with Steve about his overlapping business and passion for education, exploration and fun. The Haunted Mine Drop, which opened in July 2017, was recently awarded USA Today's "Best New Amusement Park Attraction of 2017."

Deva Shantay

Deva Shantay, Co-Founder of True Nature Healing Arts, shares about her personal journey towards spiritual-awakening on The Inner Game.

Scott Barta

This month’s guest is Scott Barta, whose Indian heritage is Sioux and Winnebago. Scott’s parents were active in the American Indian Movement throughout the 70’s. And he is continuing their example of activism, especially as it relates to bringing women back into roles of leadership. Scott’s partner is Tara Sheahan who was our guest last month.

Enjoy Part 2 of a conversation with activist Tara Sheahan.

Gwen’s guest is Tara Sheahan, founder of Conscious Global Leadership. Tara is a spiritual warrior and activist who brings the benefits of her own awakening process to many social and environmental efforts – like, ending fracking, and supporting the wisdom and leadership of Native Americans.

Part 2 of Gwen Garcelon's conversation with Marshall Saunders, founder of Citizens’ Climate Lobby.

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Today’s guest is Marshall Saunders, founder of Citizens’ Climate Lobby. After a bout with cancer in 1985, Saunders, a former real estate developer, decided he wanted to do something with his life to help the world. Here, he talks about his dedication to a path of personal growth and its role in creating the results he has manifested by taking action, with love, on some big visions.

Gwen's guest is Lynette Marie Hanthorn, co-founder of Local Food Shift Magazine.

Michael Brownlee, co-founder of Local Food Shift Group, is Gwen's guest today for a fascinating conversation about Brownlee's inner game.

Roaring Fork Valley architect Chris Beebe began meditating as a teen.  He talks to Inner Game host Gwen Garcelon about how this has influenced his life.

The Inner Game is a new public affairs show on KDNK. It's all about a particular relationship - the one we have with ourselves. The show features conversations with community and business leaders about how they grow personally to make a bigger difference in the world through the strength and health of their relationships and organizations. Each of us has a purpose and The Inner Game is about the relationship we have with that purpose and how we contribute to a more beautiful world.