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Sara Tymczyszyn

Public Affairs Host
  • Sara talks with Amy & Derek Anglemyer of West Canyon Nurseries near New Castle. Amy and Derek specialize in trees, perennials, shrubs and some annuals. Their family run business is a great source of knowledge and resources for any locals looking to build out a garden or yard with plants and trees that do well in our climate. Derek shares some tips for designing and selecting plants and offers to help customers interested in buying local.
  • Sara Tymczyszyn and Becca Gourlay interview their farm mentor Don Zasada from Caretaker Farm in Western Massachusetts. Don uses an apprenticeship model to train future farmers in sustainable vegetable production and service a 275 member CSA. Sara and Becca both apprenticed at Caretaker prior to farming in Western Colorado.
  • On this episode Sara interviews Marielle Cowdin with the Colorado River District to learn more about water trends, forecasts and policy in the southwest.
  • On this episode of Farm Talk, the team at Highwater Farm reflects on the challenges and successes of 2022. Host Sara Tymcyszyn welcomes team members Becca Gourlay and Ava Gilbert to discuss what the past year has taught them.
  • On this episode of Farm Talk, we're speaking with Soira Ceja and Brenda Kaiser, both community coordinators at the local organization SANA (Safe and Abundant Nutrition Alliance). We talk about their work increasing access to healthy food in this valley through implementing mobile food pantries, facing the stigmas around food insecurity and mental health struggles, and the importance of building relationships and working directly with the community.
  • On this episode of Farm Talk, hosts Sara Tymczyszyn and Rachel Becker interview Vanessa Gilbert of Modern West Floral. Listen in to hear Vanessa's refreshing perspectives on starting a farm and seasonal flower business, her process of finding land, navigating water rights, and more.
  • On this episode of Farm Talk, hosts Sara Tymczyszyn and Rachel Becker talk with Nick Krick and Amy Daley (of Nick and Amy's Farm in New Castle) about their work pasture-raising cattle, and how regenerative animal agriculture practices can improve soil and ecosystem health.
  • On this episode of Farm Talk, hosts Sara Tymczyszyn and Rachel Becker talk with Harper Kaufman and Ben Shaw about their dedication to growing food and building biodiversity at Two Roots Farm in Basalt.
  • On this episode of Farm Talk, host Rachel Becker welcomes some youth farmers into the studio to get a fresh, young perspective on farming.
  • On this episode of Farm Talk, hosts Rachel Becker and Sara Tymczyszyn chat with local farm expert Sarah Rumery.