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Sara Tymczyszyn

Public Affairs Host
  • On this episode of Farm Talk, hosts Sara and Bud Tymczyszyn talk with Brian Hightower, Ranch Manager and Education Coordinator for the Aspen Valley Land Trust. Brian outlines the agricultural goals for AVLT's Coffman Ranch.
  • In the last episode of Farm Talk, host Sara Tymczyszyn interviews Bud Tymczyszyn from Wildcat Garlic Farm in New Castle. They discuss farming with tractors, organic certification and part time farming.
  • On this month's episode of Farm Talk, Sara talks with Ken Kuhns of Peach Valley CSA. Ken and his wife Gail have been homesteading and growing produce for market and CSA since the 80s. Sara and Ken discuss their operation, the history of agriculture in the area, and questions around farming and aging.
  • On this episode of Farm Talk, Sara talks with Alyssa Barsanti of Marigold Livestock about her growing business at Glassier Open Space in Pitkin County. Alyssa raises sheep and poultry and will be integrating cattle. Sara and Alyssa discuss grazing and its correlation to carbon sequestration, the pros and cons of small scale and conventional cattle production, and how Alyssa makes her product accessible to the public.
  • In this episode, Sara and Becca talk with Food Access Coordinator Ellie Steward to discuss different programs and resources for food insecure families. They focus specifically on SNAP and WIC programs, how farms are able to administer government benefits, and what work is being done on the ground in Garfield County to help make fresh produce more accessible to low income community members.
  • On this episode of Farm Talk, Highwater Farm Director Sara Tymczyszyn and Farm Manager Becca Gourlay discuss different options for learning how to farm in the area including apprenticeship models, part time positions, AmeriCorps and workshare opportunities. Assistant Farm Lead, Brie Oakley joins to talk more about her experience.
  • Sara Tymczyszyn (Director) and Becca Gourlay (Farm Manager) interview agricultural specialist Drew Walters. Drew works for Pitkin County Open Space and Trails and serves as a Colorado State University Extension agent. In this episode, we discuss the role of CSU extension in the community and the impact agents can have on local agriculture.
  • On this episode of Farm Talk, Sara talks with Gwen Cameron of Rancho Durazno. Gwen works with her dad growing 35 acres of organic peaches, cherries, apricots, nectarines, plums, and pluots in Palisade on the land she grew up on. In this episode they discuss the operation and growing methods, labor and the fair food program.
  • Sara talks with Amy & Derek Anglemyer of West Canyon Nurseries near New Castle. Amy and Derek specialize in trees, perennials, shrubs and some annuals. Their family run business is a great source of knowledge and resources for any locals looking to build out a garden or yard with plants and trees that do well in our climate. Derek shares some tips for designing and selecting plants and offers to help customers interested in buying local.
  • Sara Tymczyszyn and Becca Gourlay interview their farm mentor Don Zasada from Caretaker Farm in Western Massachusetts. Don uses an apprenticeship model to train future farmers in sustainable vegetable production and service a 275 member CSA. Sara and Becca both apprenticed at Caretaker prior to farming in Western Colorado.