Terry Glasenapp


Born and raised in Rochester, Minnesota, found transistor radio opening to faraway top forty stations in my teen years.To be cool in later years of high school, I carried new albums with cool cover art around. Produced a folk music festival with 5 or 6 artists, and maybe 15 people in the audience in 67 or 68. Thanks to my buddy Red Horton, pilgrimaged to  Woodstock in 69, heard many of the late 60s greats, and was inspired by all half a million of us getting along peacefully. Lived in Santa Cruz, California, in the early 70s, where I got into photography, found a connection to the wonders of the seacoast, and moved to Glenwood Springs in 1976. Colorado Mountain College needed a serious bozo, so I found an opening to many opportunities, working with students, teachers, and people in the wider community. Picked up a video camera I found in a closet and made several short films.  KDNK gave me a chance to sub in 1984, a show opened up soon, and I keep on showing up as a Wholly Bozo because it's fun, inspiring, heartwarming, and we are a phenomenon!

It was a long in-studio, but it was magic from beginning to end. You could tell Dan enjoyed it too. He told a wonderful story about giving Wilt Chamberlain tennis lessons, and he had some incisive things to say about Bob Dylan, children, and the importance of radio to him. He also played a new song, Regent Street, as well as Baby Bye Bye and Take the Guns Away. Dan plays Steve's Guitars tonight.

It's been two years since John graced KDNK with a lively in-studio, but his appearance is still remembered fondly. He brings his multi-media extravaganza, his Nitty Gritty stories and songs, and some fond reminiscences of Aspen in the 70s to the Wheeler Opera House on Saturday. There's a lotta gray hair on the stage, but there's more passion and humor than you can shake your walker at! Tickets and info here.

Johannes Linstead

Jul 6, 2018

Guitarist Johannes Linstead spoke with KDNK's Terry Glasenapp about the art of guitar.and the art of meditation before a series of local gigs in the Roaring Fork Valley.