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Ask a Physical Therapist | Nonsurgical Pain Management

 Dr. Dustin Anderson
Courtesy Photo
Dr. Dustin Anderson

Dr. Dustin Anderson, MD, Physiatrist, Orthopedic and Pain Management Specialist at The Steadman Clinic joins Dr. Tanice Kitchener, PT, to discuss nonsurgical pain management options including cortisone injections as well as regenerative medicine including PRP and Stem Cell (BMAC) injections. We discuss best evidence in management of knee pain and arthritis, low back pain and others.

Join Dr. Tanice Kitchener, Physical Therapist as she tackles topics to help you stay mobile, strong. and agile throughout your lifespan. Dr. Tanice owns and operates a specialized Physical Therapy clinic in Carbondale. On Ask a Physical Therapist, Dr. Tanice chats with guests who specialize in various health and wellness areas including running coaching, Blood Flow Restriction Training Specialist, Personal Training, Doula/Women's Health, Climbing Coach, and more. Email topics that you would like to learn more about or specific questions to with subject "KDNK Ask a PT".

Born and raised in Colorado, I have a passion for travel and being outdoors. Biking, skiing, snowboarding, waterskiing, sledding, hiking...anything outdoors brings me peace. I am so grateful to be in a career which allows me to help others maximize their physical abilities so that they may also enjoy the calling of nature or whatever their own passions may be. As a child, I grew up spending summer weekends on the Frying Pan River at my Great Grandparents' cabin and am thrilled to be back in the Roaring Fork Valley.
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