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Ask A Physical Therapist
Fourth Wednesday of the Month

Join Dr. Tanice Kitchener, Physical Therapist as she tackles topics to help you stay mobile, strong. and agile throughout your lifespan. Dr. Tanice owns and operates a specialized Physical Therapy clinic in Carbondale. On Ask a Physical Therapist, Dr. Tanice chats with guests who specialize in various health and wellness areas including running coaching, Blood Flow Restriction Training Specialist, Personal Training, Doula/Women's Health, Climbing Coach, and more. Email topics that you would like to learn more about or specific questions to rockymountaintherapros@gmail.com with subject "KDNK Ask a PT",

Latest Episodes
  • In this episode of Ask a Physical Therapist Dr. Tanice chats with Jodi Huffman about behavioral and developmental warning signs for children that may benefit from services and how she can support the whole family during behavioral challenges in neurodivergent and neurotypical children.
  • Marcey Robinson, Registered Dietician, Diabetes Educator and Sports Nutrition and Exercise Physiologist from Achieve Health and Performance joins Dr. Tanice Kitchener, PT, to discuss proper fueling for outdoor sports, best way to do a food diary and how to get the best absorption of protein after activity. This discussion will be beneficial for all!
  • Dr. Dustin Anderson, MD, Physiatrist, Orthopedic and Pain Management Specialist at The Steadman Clinic joins Dr. Tanice Kitchener, PT, to discuss nonsurgical pain management options including cortisone injections as well as regenerative medicine including PRP and Stem Cell (BMAC) injections. We discuss best evidence in management of knee pain and arthritis, low back pain and others.
  • Dr. Tanice Kitchener, PT, DPT interviews Personal Trainer Caitlin Kinney, who also runs the Blood Flow Restriction training program at RMTP in Carbondale. Endometriosis is a women’s disease which impacts one in ten women in our world today. The disease entails endometrial-like tissue growing outside of the uterus into places it does not belong such as the abdominal cavity, stomach, organs and in some rare cases, the diaphragm or brain. It can cause pelvic pain, infertility and frustration. Caitlin has first hand experienced many of the frustrating, painful by-products of Endometriosis including: Chronic pelvic and back pain, anxiety/depression, sciatica, painful periods, hormone imbalances and more. Dr. Kitchener and Caitlin dive deeper into what endo is, how to get support and find a skilled surgeon in order to remove the tissue and achieve relief. They also talk about the many benefits of pelvic floor therapy and other alternative therapies that facilitate relief. If you or a loved one is suffering from this disease then tune in for more in depth information.
  • On this segment of "Ask a Physical Therapist" Dr. Tanice is once again joined by Professional runner, Running Coach and joint owner of Microcosm Coaching, Author, and Editor in Chief of Trail Runner Magazine, Zöe Rom.Ms. Rom takes an off the cuff opportunity to ask Dr. Tanice questions about several topics including return to running after injury, maintenance therapy, and injury prevention. Join us for a casual chat during which Dr. Tanice's guest gets to ask the questions. Recorded April 2022.
  • Dr. Tanice Kitchener, PT, DPT interviews Zoë Rom. Ms. Rom is an author, running coach, executive director of Trail Runner Magazine and an elite runner. Together they will be discussing topics from Ms. Rom's co authored book Becoming a Sustainable Runner (Late 2022 Publication), including environmental and individual advocacy, sustainability, and wellness. This is applicable to all mountain athletes and anyone interested in learning more about the connections between our recreation and environmental advocacy.
  • On this episode of Ask a Physical Therapist, Dr. Tanice Kitchener is joined by Dr. Lucas Armstrong as they discuss dry needling and its effects on recovery.
  • On Ask a TheraPro host Tanice Kitchener will discuss Physical Therapy and why it is helpful and important. How to prevent inuries while exersising and how to take care of injuries.
  • Caitlin Kinney, Personal Trainer/Rehab Technician joins us to discuss Blood Flow Restriction Training. Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFR) is utilized in Prehab, Rehab, and Recovery to optimize strength, minimize muscle loss and maximize recovery with low load/low intensity training. Join Caitlin and Dr. Tanice to learn more about utilizing BFR in rehab and personal training.