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Ask a Physical Therapist | Pain Science and Coping & Recovery Strategies with Dr. Tom Walters

What causes pain? Pain Science and Coping/Recovery Strategies with Dr. Tom Walters, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS

On this episode of Ask a Physical Therapist, Dr. Tanice Kitchener, Physical Therapist and Dr. Tom Walters take a dive into pain science; what we have learned about what causes pain, why it is so individualized, and how to tame it. The scientific and medical communities have experienced a significant increase in knowledge and understanding of the human pain experience. Tune in to join the discussion and learn how it can support your journey to live a pain-less or pain scarce life by changing pain thresholds, reframing your experience and graded activity exposure. Part 1 is focused on the how and why of the pain experience itself and part 2 expands on treatment and coping strategies. Tom Walters, PT, DPT is a board-certified orthopedic physical therapist and educator, owner of Rehab Science, an online platform dedicated to providing evidence-based musculoskeletal rehabilitation resources and author of Rehab Science - How to Overcome Pain and Heal from Injury with rehab protocols for common injuries.

Born and raised in Colorado, I have a passion for travel and being outdoors. Biking, skiing, snowboarding, waterskiing, sledding, hiking...anything outdoors brings me peace. I am so grateful to be in a career which allows me to help others maximize their physical abilities so that they may also enjoy the calling of nature or whatever their own passions may be. As a child, I grew up spending summer weekends on the Frying Pan River at my Great Grandparents' cabin and am thrilled to be back in the Roaring Fork Valley.
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