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El Sol Habla | Rent en Theater Aspen

En el episodio de hoy, en El Sol Habla, Vanessa Porras tiene una entrevista con Chabely Ponce del elenco de la obra musical “Rent” en Theater Aspen. Chabely hace el papel de Mimi Márquez y platica sobre la influencia que su cultura Cubana ha tenido en su carrera como actriz. La ultima presentación será el 26 de agosto. Puedes encontrar más detalles en la columna Al No Artista en el Sol Del Valle y también visitar

On today's episode of El Sol Habla, Vanessa Porras interviews Chabely Ponce from the cast of the musical "Rent" at Theater Aspen. Chabely plays the role of Mimi Marquez and talks about the influence of her Cuban culture on her acting career. The final performance is August 26th. For more details, look for the Al No Artista column in El Sol Del Valle and visit

Vanessa is a bilingual and bicultural printmaking artist, educator, and writer. She's passionate about mental health, environmental advocacy, cultural equity, and education as a means to create bridges between the Latino and Anglo communities. She previously served as a board member for The Sopris Sun, where she is now the Editor for the Spanish insert, El Sol del Valle, and writes a monthly column, Al No Artista.
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