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El Sol Habla | Pepe

En el episodio de hoy, compartimos un segmento de, Sargento, El Podcast de Carlos Cornejo y Samuel Bernal quienes entrevistan a Pepe, un hombre local del valle Roaring Fork quien junto con otros paisanos mexicanos se ve medio del chaos del combate entre Israel y Hamas, durante un peregrinaje religioso.

In today's episode, we share a segment from, Sargento, El Podcast by Carlos Cornejo and Samuel Bernal who interview Pepe, a local man from the Roaring Fork Valley who, along with other fellow Mexicans, finds himself in the middle of the chaos of the war between Israel and Hamas, during a religious pilgrimage.

Vanessa is a bilingual and bicultural printmaking artist, educator, and writer. She's passionate about mental health, environmental advocacy, cultural equity, and education as a means to create bridges between the Latino and Anglo communities. She previously served as a board member for The Sopris Sun, where she is now the Editor for the Spanish insert, El Sol del Valle, and writes a monthly column, Al No Artista.
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