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The Inner Game
The Inner Game airs on the First Tuesday of the Month at 4 pm

The Inner Game airs on KDNK Community Access Radio in Carbondale, Colorado and is about the relationship we have with our authentic self and our life’s purpose. The show features conversations with community and business leaders about how they grow personally to make a bigger difference in the world through the strength and health of their relationships and organizations.

Latest Episodes
  • This month on The Inner Game we are rebroadcasting a show that was recorded in 2021. Host Gwen Garcelon talks about the beauty of the world and how following and creating beauty inspires us to follow our True North and work on what we care about most.
  • Tanya Blacklight is Gwen’s guest on The Inner Game. Tanya is a minister and a multi-faceted healer working with sound, energy, reiki, and herbalism. She focuses on reclaiming feminine power in all people.
  • From the Archive: Illene Pevec, PhD created award winning school garden projects to bring the wisdom and healing of the Earth to children. She is the author of Growing a Life and is a specialist in educational reform centered on experiential garden-based learning. This is part 2 of her conversation with Gwen.
  • On this episode of The Inner Game, Barbe Chambliss returns for a conversation on how to practice peace in our daily lives. Barbe is author of “Women Peacemakers” as well as a mediator and restorative justice specialist.
  • Gwen shares the best of 2023 on The Inner Game. The highlights and insights from the past year’s conversations to bring into 2024 – to work with, to be inspired by and to help you bring all the contribution you can to the new year.
  • On this episode of The Inner Game, host Gwen Garcelon shares a talk she gave recently on our inherent connection with the natural world – and its essential role in catalyzing human evolution. The title of the talk was The Signature of All Things and took place September 18, 2022 at A Spiritual Center in Carbondale.
  • On this month's episode of the Inner Game, host Gwen Garcelon speaks with author Will Tuttle about his visit to the Roaring Fork Valley and his book, “The World Peace Diet.”
  • On this month's episode of the Inner Game Gwen is joined by Mark Burrows, owner of Pollinator Chocolate and The Cocoa Club in Carbondale. Mark talks about local business, beekeeping, connection, and community.
  • This month on The Inner Game, host Gwen Garcelon speaks with Patti Neuroth, better known as Patti Rockstar. Neuroth was the owner of The Rock Shop in Glenwood Springs for 15 years.
  • This month on The Inner Game, Gwen celebrates her “Life Day,” when 30 years ago on June 6, 1993, she had a near death experience. She shares about what happened in East Snowmass Creek that day, and the role it has played—and surprising insights—gained on her spiritual journey since the event.