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The Inner Game
The Inner Game airs on the First Tuesday of the Month at 4 pm

The Inner Game airs on KDNK Community Access Radio in Carbondale, Colorado and is about the relationship we have with our authentic self and our life’s purpose. The show features conversations with community and business leaders about how they grow personally to make a bigger difference in the world through the strength and health of their relationships and organizations.

Latest Episodes
  • On this month's episode of the Inner Game, host Gwen Garcelon speaks with author Will Tuttle about his visit to the Roaring Fork Valley and his book, “The World Peace Diet.”
  • On this month's episode of the Inner Game Gwen is joined by Mark Burrows, owner of Pollinator Chocolate and The Cocoa Club in Carbondale. Mark talks about local business, beekeeping, connection, and community.
  • This month on The Inner Game, host Gwen Garcelon speaks with Patti Neuroth, better known as Patti Rockstar. Neuroth was the owner of The Rock Shop in Glenwood Springs for 15 years.
  • This month on The Inner Game, Gwen celebrates her “Life Day,” when 30 years ago on June 6, 1993, she had a near death experience. She shares about what happened in East Snowmass Creek that day, and the role it has played—and surprising insights—gained on her spiritual journey since the event.
  • On this episode of the Inner Game, Jess Jacobson joins Gwen Garcelon. Jess helped create the Carbondale Community Food Coop, Carbondale’s first natural food coop. She is also a healer, yogi, mother, and wise woman. Hear her observations and involvement over several decades of serving Carbondale.
  • This month’s guest on the Innner Game is Rebecca Wildbear, author of Wild Yoga: A Practice of Initiation, Veneration & Advocacy for the Earth. She is the creator of a yoga practice called Wild Yoga, which empowers individuals to connect to the earth, so they can serve more creatively at this time of great need. She has been leading Wild Yoga programs since 2007 and also guides nature and soul programs through Animas Valley Institute in southern Colorado.
  • This month on The Inner Game host Gwen Garcelon will speak with Julie DeVilbiss, local holistic nurse and wellness practitioner who works with energy and spirit to integrate the nervous system for long-term health and personal expansion.
  • On this episode of The Inner Game, host Gwen Garcelon reflects on conversations she has had on the show throughout 2022.
  • Evolutionary singer-songwriter, Peter Mayer, joins Gwen this month for a conversation about the unique spiritual expression and activism he brings to his music, and life. Peter’s song “Awake” is also the music you hear introducing The Inner Game each month.
  • This month on The Inner Game Gwen speaks with Gene Dunaway, an attorney and international personal development trainer. Gene participates with Gwen in an evolutionary community called The New Republic of the Heart, which supports its participants to catalyze radical whole system change in the world.