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The Inner Game

The Inner Game airs on KDNK Community Access Radio in Carbondale, Colorado and is about the relationship we have with our authentic self and our life’s purpose. The show features conversations with community and business leaders about how they grow personally to make a bigger difference in the world through the strength and health of their relationships and organizations.

Latest Episodes
  • Educator and activist, Sonja Linman, will join Gwen on The Inner Game for a Part 2 from their conversation in May. Sonja will share her thoughts on shifting education from standardized to personalized to serve children more fully during this time of deep cultural change.
  • Sonja Linman joins Gwen on The Inner Game today. Sonja is a longtime beloved local educator, an addictions counselor and specialist, and former candidate for Garfield County Commissioner. More recently she has developed a beautiful piece of land outside of Glenwood Springs as a retreat center to serve the wellbeing of community servants like teachers, counselors and first responders.
  • Gwen talks with Laurie Herrick, author of Choose Abundance, about how to create a “culture of philanthropy” to transform and evolve nonprofit fundraising. The ideas in this book also have profound implications to how we approach climate change, or any of the complex challenges we face.
  • In this episode of The Inner Game, Gwen speaks with Finlay Hinde about a community of leaders called “A New Republic of the Heart.” The community is pioneering collective connection, communication and support strategies to be of greater benefit to the complex challenges we face as a human society.
  • In this episode of The Inner Game, Gwen interviews Diana Alcantara, a teacher at the Carbondale Community School who started their successful school garden and has grown the garden curriculum since 2014. Diana shares about how the garden continues to demonstrate how valuable it is to the development and healing of children, and how important that is in these challenging times.
  • We will hear a talk that Gwen gave at A Spiritual Center on Sunday November 21st on courage and self compassion.
  • Gwen revisits some of the best conversations she had in 2021, all the best points made throughout the year.
  • Gwen speaks with music educator Lisa Dancing-Light, who is also an environmental activist, gardener, composer, recording artist and recently author of the…
  • Gwen speaks with author and songwriter Larry Gottlieb about his newest book, “Hoodwinked - Uncovering our Fundamental Superstitions” which addresses how…
  • Gwen talks with longtime Carbondale local, Elizabeth Cammack, about why she helped create the Demeter Community Garden, and its many benefits to personal…