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Tactile Traveler: Trucker Convoys, Little Screens, Silverware


On this episode of Tactile Traveler, what it's like being blind in the truckers convoys in Ottawa, Canada, how little screens can make a big difference in your life, and how to eat with silverware.

Tactile Traveler 27 Transcript Link

The goal of this podcast is to empower blind and low-vision people to explore the world, and help our sighted friends see the world in a new way. Frequently, as people lose their eyesight, they become more and more isolated. The Tactile Traveler hopes to empower people, not only to go literally around the world, but around the block to new adventures in their lives.

All episodes of this program are available

We’d like you to weigh in on how were doing. Please let us know by sending an e-mail to we spell traveler the American way with one “L.”

Transcripts of this program are also available for our deaf listeners by searching The Tactile Traveler in any search engine.

This program is also being broadcast on the Audio Information Network of Colorado and in additional states.

It’s also available by typing The Tactile Traveler into any search engine and available wherever you get podcasts and by asking your smart speaker for THE TACTILE TRAVELER podcast.

Nick Isenberg is an experienced journalist living in the Roaring Fork Valley. He is determined to express his craft as a lively storyteller no matter the obstacle. Even legal blindness and partial deafness can't stop Nicky News from sharing information for and about real and diverse people. Nick premiered "The Tactile Traveler" as a new public affairs show on KDNK on July 30, 2019.
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