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VOICES Radio Hour | Love

February is the month of Love, but we so often think about Love in black and white terms. You are in love or you are not. You have a love or you do not. But we know that Love comes in all colors, shapes, and forms, so we asked five community members who are single - in a traditional sense - about love, community, and family in their lives.

Their stories remind us that our community is made up of so many voices. So this month we celebrate Singlehood and Community Family in all its forms, and dive into the concept that being alone is not lonely when you’re in love with the world around you, and connected to everything that makes this such a special place to live.

Today’s episode features the voices of Brian Colley, Diane Kenney, Fred Malo, Flor Paz-Pastrana, and Julia Whalen, with featured musical selections chosen by each individual storyteller. Each song is either a “Love Song to Themselves” or a song they really love.

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