Other Plans

Every 3rd Wednesday at 4:30pm

Host Abby Gierke interviews locals about what they do for work and how it affects their lives. This show airs on the third Wednesday of every month.

Louie Girardot

Host Abby Gierke interviews Louie the comupter guy, host of KDNK's own Geekspeak. 

Mark Fuller

Abby Gierke interviews Rebecca Weiss, a birding guide for the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies and author of local birding guide, "Birds of Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley". They talk all things birds including: how she became interested in birds, how reforestation after wildfires has effected the bird population here, and much more.

This month, host Abby Gierke speaks with Pitkin County Deputy Anthony Todaro. They cover everything from the start of his career, the department's work with Mountain Rescue, and skiing with Michelle Obama, to the national conversation on policing and the state of policing in our valley.

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Hear from Barbara Freeman, founder of LaMedichi: a digital-financial literacy and savings platform, which has distributed monthly relief funding to the Roaring Fork Valley's most vulnerable community members during the pandemic. Learn more about Barbara, her previous career, and how she's landed where she is today.

Peggy Chain

Revisit the first episode of Other Plans - originally aired in October, 2020. Host Abby Gierke talks with Peggy Chain about her many years running Mountainside Sewing and other things she enjoyed.  Peggy passed away in January.

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February was a dangerous and deadly month in the Colorado backcountry. Abby Gierke talks with Brian Lazar, Deputy Director for the Colorado Avalanche Information Center about Brian's rituals before he heads into the backcountry, the evolution of avalanche forecasting and mitigation, advice for parents, the importance of mentorship, and much more. 

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This month on Other Plans, host Abby Gierke's guest is Samila Trevisan. Samila talks about her journey from Brazil to the U.S. as a young adult and her current work as a family liaison for Basalt High School.

Aspen Homeless Shelter

This month on Other Plans, host Abby Gierke talks to Vince Savage about his lifetime of work with social justice. He reflects on his time working alongside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at Ebenezer Baptist Church. These days, he's Executive Director of the Aspen Homeless Shelter.

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Ever wonder what it's like to be a war correspondent facing danger on the front lines while history is in the making? This month on Other Plans, host Abby Gierke talks with former conflict correspondent, Loren Jenkins, about being a journalist during the Vietnam War, finding truth in journalism, winning a Pulitzer Prize, and much more. 

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What comes to mind when you think of a librarian? Man? Woman? Old? Young? This month on Other Plans, unlearn the myths of the stereotype with Basalt Regional Library's Youth Services Librarian, Caroline Cares.

Peggy Chain

On this new public affairs show, host Abby Gierke takes us into the lives of locals, what they do all day for work, and how it affects their lives. Her first guest is Peggy Chain of Mountainside Sewing.