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2023 Election Resources & Updates

Election Updates:

(Nov. 8 4:15PM)
The initial results from last night’s election are now available on the Garfield County Clerk and Recorder’s website. For this rundown of the results in the interest of brevity, we will not be including candidates that ran unopposed.

Although Proposition HH has thus far seen a resounding “No” from voters, it looks like statewide Proposition II (eye-eye) was favorable; and money from nicotine tax revenue will soon go to Colorado’s preschool programs.

For the CMC Trustee seat, Marianne Virgili beat David Use with nearly 70% of the votes.

It was not a close race for Roaring Fork School District candidates, with Lindsay DeFrates and Betsy After also significantly surpassing their opponents Phillip Bogart and Alan Kokish.

Similar ratios showed up in Garfield RE-2’s District B race, where Cassie Haskell defeated Kaylin Harju with a little over 64% of the votes.

Split three ways, the Garfield RE-2 District D race was a little more varied, but Chance Jenkins still snagged over 50% of the votes against challengers Daniel Adams and Nicholas Cocina.

CMC Trustees:
Marianne Virgili: 69.61%
David Use: 30.39%

RFSD District B:
Alan Kokish: 23.01%
Elizabeth "Betsy" After: 76.99%

RFSD District C:
Phillip Bogart: 25.74%
Lindsay DeFrates: 74.26%

Garfield Re-2 District D:
Chance Jenkins: 50.21%
Daniel Adams: 41.57%
Nicholas Cocina: 8.22%

Garfield Re-2 District B:
Cassie Haskell: 64.39%
Kaylin Harju: 35.61%
(Races for RFSD District D, CMC District 4, CMC District 5, and CMC District 6 are uncontested)

Proposition HH:
Yes: 40.54%
No: 59.46%

Proposition II:
Yes: 67.70%
No: 32.30%

Rifle City Council:
Bornholdt: 27.86%
Roberts: 22.95%
Doose: 21.90%
Condie: 27.29%

Only 10,250 ballots have been cast from a pool of 38,045 voters

KDNK Interviews with Local School Board Candidates:
Garfield RE-2
Chance Jenkins
Daniel Adams
(Additional candidates for Garfield Re-2 School District’s Board; Nicholas Cocina, Cassie Haskell, Kaylin Harju, and Fathom Jensen could not be reached for comment in this series of interviews.)

Here is a story on a conservative voter guide where Garfield Re-2 candidates shared their opinions on hot-button topics:

Roaring Fork School District
Jasmin Ramirez
Alan Kokish
Lindsay DeFrates
Betsy After
Phillip Bogart

An interview of CMC Trustee candidates Use and Virgili from Aspen Daily News:

Proposition HH:

Proposition II:

Info from a Candidate and Proposition HH Issues and Answers Forum in a previous daily newscast:

A brief description of the Proposition HH and Proposition II ballot measures in a previous daily newscast:

Stories on issues that are big topics for the local school districts:

Hattison Rensberry has a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design and Drawing, but has worked for newsrooms in various capacities since 2019.
She also provides Editorial Design for the Sopris Sun.