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Carbondale Trustees Confirm Sgt. Kirk Wilson as Police Chief




Carbondale Trustees confirmed Town Manager Jay Harrington’s pick for Police Chief Tuesday. KDNK’s Lucas Turner has the story.


Under Carbondale’s Town Charter, the Board of Trustees has to confirm the job offer for police chief. ON Tuesday they did just that.


Town Manager Jay Harrington began by detailing his decision to offer the position to Sargeant Kirk Wilson who currently works for Rifle Police Department


HARRINGTON: "We went through a very extensive background checking, from both the HR side and law enforcement side. Kirk passed with flying colors and so I did offer him the position and he accepted. Under the charter you would be approving that appointment that I've made"

The hiring process which vetted four individuals included interviews with the community, town staff, trustees and more. 

Town Manager Jay Harrington says Sargent Wilson is expected to begin in June, overlapping with current Police Chief Gene Schilling. Then he’ll take over the role completely when Chief Schilling retires in September, after nearly four decades of service.

During Tuesday’s meeting, Wilson reflected on what his approach will look like when he takes over.

WILSON: "I really look forward to the opportunity given to me in this specific scenario to work with Lieutenant Wurtsmith and Chief Schilling. To really get to know the community, figure out how I need to know within the community, start establishing relationships. And then also delve into getting a good relationship and a great relationship going within the Latino population, and the school district."

Mayor Dan Richardson also inquired about Kirk Wilson’s living situation, and he responded that he was currently looking for a home in Carbondale and plans to move to town as soon as possible.

Kirk Wilson has been working for Rifle Police Department for the last 17 years. He’s served as a K-9 officer, community policing specialist, and as a medic for the all-hazards response team. Wilson also has a Masters in Public Administration.


You can read more about Kirk Wilson soprissun.com

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