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Morgan Troy Neely

News Director

Morgan is KDNK's News Director. He comes to KDNK with public radio passion and experience. He was a news host, reporter, and opps guy at APR and also worked with Pitkin County for a couple of years. He says that getting back to public radio and reporting is where he wants to be. 

  • News Director Morgan Neely brings listeners Monday's news, including a profile of local democratic candidate Elizabeth Velasco.
  • This primary season, KDNK is asking democratic and republican candidates what measures they support to address horrifying trends in gun violence. KDNK spoke with businessman and activist Cole Buerger of Glenwood Springs, who’s running to be the democratic candidate for state House District 57, currently held by republican Perry Will of New Castle.
  • Guns killed more than 45,000 Americans in 2020. That’s also the year firearm deaths overtook car accidents as the leading cause of mortality in American children. KDNK’s Morgan Neely spoke with Adam Frisch about how he would address gun violence.
  • New Director Morgan Neely brings listeners headlines and more, including a tale of miraculous survival on the 14,099' Snowmass Mountain. KDNK asks democratic primary candidate for House District 57 Cole Buerger how he would address gun violence. And Capitol Reporter Scott Franz says Coloradans may get big TABOR refunds this August.
  • News Director Morgan Neely brings listeners Monday's news, including a preview of a Carbondale Trustees work session to discuss the future of donated parcels downtown.
  • Sultans of Swing, Swing, Swing win on a walk-off in extra innings as DJ BeyOndrea drives in winning run.
  • KDNK Reporter Hattison Rensberry brings listeners the sounds of Strawberry Days, Carbondale's Joseph Demoor adds to his legacy as a top mountain runner in the U.S., and an accident in Glenwood Springs seriously injures a woman and young child.
  • Today, KDNK Reporter Hattison Rensberry talks to Tara Harman from the Glenwood Chamber about the 125th Strawberry Days, and News Director Morgan Neely examines food price disparity in Aspen.
  • KDNK News Director Morgan Neely delivers the day's news, including a preview of this weekend's Telluride Bluegrass Festival.
  • KDNK News Director Morgan Neely speaks with groundbreaking women's pro snowboarder and filmmaker Jess Kimura about busting down doors for other female athletes, her mental health struggles, and the loss of her partner in 2014 at the height of her snowboarding career. Learning to Drown, a candid and powerful documentary about Kimura, won the Hayden Kennedy and audience awards at April's 5Point Film Fest in Carbondale.