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  • As battery powered electric vehicles continue to make inroads in our transportation system, renewable transit advocates are also looking at hydrogen fuel cells as an additional option. Many of them gathered recently at a forum in Boulder hosted by a transit nonprofit that is in the process of converting much of their fleet to electric buses. They're also looking at hydrogen vehicles as another option.
  • Esta semana en El Sol Habla compartimos cápsulas informativas de Samuel Bernal (La Tricolor) y Rossana Longo (KGNU).
  • The Regional Roundup, a production of the Rocky Mountain Community Radio Coalition. This week's edition features the closest radio can get you to experiencing the awe of a shooting star. Also, students are experiencing trauma from the Covid-19 Pandemic, climate change, and shootings. And we hear monologues from DACA dreamers.
  • Emiliano Aguilar, an assistant professor of history at the University of Notre Dame, is in Colorado this summer participating in a history workshop at the Center for the American West at the University of Colorado in Boulder. He says there are many complexities of celebrating immigrant heritage amidst ongoing immigration debates.
  • KDNK News Director Morgan Neely has Wednesday's updates from the Roaring Fork Valley and Beyond ... including a look at the positive impacts that BIG CATS (you know the ones) have on ecosystems in the Mountain West.
  • The City of Boulder has until the end of this week to respond to a lawsuit filed against it by the ACLU of Colorado. The lawsuit alleges that the city's camping ban violates people's civil rights by ticketing them for sleeping outside with a blanket when they have nowhere else to go.
  • In 2021, Colorado voters approved the creation of a new office within the state’s Department of Public Health and Environment to tackle gun violence. They are partnering with the Colorado School of Public Health to create an information bank that tracks and studies gun violence across Colorado.
  • KDNK's News Director Morgan Neely has Wednesday's updates, including a threat to Summit County Schools causing a "secure lockout" at educational facilities up and down the Roaring Fork Valley this morning.
  • KDNK's Morgan Neely has Friday's news, including Glenwood Springs finally hiring a new city manager — more than six months after former manager Deb Figueroa departed for the private sector. And, reporter Hattison Rensberry finds something spooky afoot at the Carbondale Library. Also, we take a hard look at gun violence in Colorado after a record year for mass shootings.
  • KDNK's Morgan Neely has Friday's news, including confirmation of a deadly fentanyl overdose in Carbondale. Also, 23 years in and the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority is still clinging to hope that Silt, Rifle, and Garfield County will sign on as members. And despite Colorado voters approving free public school lunches for all, some school districts aren't committing to participating in the program.