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Western Slope Agriculture

  • Andy Zanca Youth Empowerment Program's Adele Craft and Megan Webber talk with high school students from Highwater Farm's summer youth program. They talk about the program, farming, highlights, and challenges from the summer.
  • Host Sara Tymczyszyn talks all things farming, food and agriculture in the Roaring Fork and Colorado River valleys with this month's guests, Anne and Brett Folske of Dwyer Greens & Flowers.
  • KDNK's Morgan Neely has Tuesday's news, including a look at how many Colorado Latinos voted in the midterms. And, Wyoming has the nation's largest intact sagebrush ecosystem ... not to mention record-high hay prices.
  • Over the summer, the invasive Japanese Beetle was detected in Grand Junction. The adult beetle feeds on more than 300 species of plants including those that are a major part of Western Slope's agricultural economy such as sweet corn, peaches, and grapes. The invasive insect already plagues some communities on the Front Range. For KVNF, Laura Palmisano interviews Rich Guggenheim, manager at the Plant Health Certification Program for the Colorado Department of Agriculture.