Deva Shantay

Deva Shantay presents Trusting Your Inner Voice at Coventure on Friday, July 5, at 5:30pm. She stopped by Express Yourself to share about her personal path towards understanding the roots of challenge and ways to honor and share our gifts and passions with the world.

Gavin Dahl/KDNK


Deva Shantay is co-owner and co-founder of True Nature Healing Arts. She launched a new initiative in Carbondale with the production of a sticker that says "Everyone Welcome." 

Artists Deva Shantay and Alice Bedard-Voorhees join Express Yourself host Megan Tackett right before the opening of this year's Valley Visual Arts show to talk about their pieces in the show and their creative process.

True Nature Healing Arts

True Nature Healing Arts is hosting a screening of National Geographic’s Gender Revolution on Thursday, September 20, in the Kiva at 5:30pm. KDNK’s Raleigh Burleigh spoke with Deva Shantay to learn more.

Deva Shantay

Deva Shantay, Co-Founder of True Nature Healing Arts, shares about her personal journey towards spiritual-awakening on The Inner Game.