Ed Troy

DJ & Public Affairs Host

Ed Troy is the host of Liberal Gladiator and A Weight Off Your Shoulders. His fans are kind of obsessed.

Ed Troy is joined by co-host Lori Spencer to chat with Robbie Davis, coming back from a victory in his crossfit division championship.

3rd Congressional District Candidate Arn Menconi shared his views on health care with Ed Troy.

3rd Congressional Candidate Karl Hanlon joins Ed Troy to talk about his views on health care.

Susie Jimenez Productions

Nationally renowned chef Susie Jimenez joins host Ed Troy to talk about cooking, nutrition and upcoming events.

Host Ed Troy and special guest Steve Reynolds have a conversation with congressional candidate Diane Mitsch Bush about health care.

Host Ed Troy learns about chiropractic care with soft tissue specialist Dr. Adam Holden of Avail Tissue & Spine in Glenwood Springs.

Wellness coach Donna Lee Humble speaks about physical and psychological health and holistic healing.

Dr. Greg Feinsinger joins Ed today for Part 2 of their conversation about a vegan diet.

Host Ed Troy interviews Dr. Feinsinger about the benefits of a plant-based diet.

Ed Troy catches up with boxing coach Bobby Carillo.

Crossfit trainers Robbie & Joanne Davis join Ed for this month's show.

Ed talks to Bobby Carillo, local boxing coach and the only certified boxing trainer in the Roaring Fork Valley.

Marty Finkelstein on WOYS

Apr 4, 2017

Marty Finklestein talks Tai Chi and more with host Ed Troy.

Fitness expert and longtime personal trainer Steve Reynolds sits in with the Liberal Gladiator.  Listen and learn.

Host Ed Troy swaps fitness stories and advice with Carbondale's Robbie Davis.

Dr. Bruce Bowen on KDNK

Nov 1, 2016

Host Ed Troy talks to Dr. Bruce Bowen of Sopris Medical Practice in Carbondale.