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Public Affairs Shows

  • Middle school students in the Andy Zanca Youth Empowerment Program's Radio 101 class wanted to know what it's like to work in community theater, so they interviewed some experts from around Carbondale to learn all about it.
  • On this episode of Radio Physics, summer interns Ean Olmstea and Andrew Tran interview Jessica Werk, associate professor of Physics at the University of Washington. Her research focuses on the role of gas in the formation and evolution of galaxies and the intergalactic medium, primarily through spectroscopic observations in the optical and ultraviolet.
  • This month's Meet in the Middle show is titled “Israeli – Palestinian Conflict – What is it Teaching Us?” Host Dan Richardson and guest Stew Tabin will discuss why this war has been referred to as 19th century idealism, driving a 20th century conflict, in a 21st century world. They’ll explore how other global players fit into the conflict, and if and how holding two separate but equal narratives about the conflict is possible.
  • On this month's episode of My Own Two Hands, Adrian chats with Hamilton Pevec about the history of medicinal uses of fungi, a new film project Hamilton is working on about the role of fungi in making cheese, and a special event on micro-dosing hosted tomorrow night by the Western Colorado Mycological Association in the Carbondale Library.
  • In this episode, Sara and Becca talk with Food Access Coordinator Ellie Steward to discuss different programs and resources for food insecure families. They focus specifically on SNAP and WIC programs, how farms are able to administer government benefits, and what work is being done on the ground in Garfield County to help make fresh produce more accessible to low income community members.
  • On the second episode of The Chatter's Box, Brooks Chatman interviews Roaring Fork High School Coach Scott Noll about his story and the future of local football.
  • The Andy Zanca Youth Empowerment Program and the Aspen Hope Center hosted the third part of a series focusing on teen mental health in the Roaring Fork Valley. The conversation took place on November 14th and focused on mental health strategies and the holidays.
  • This week on Express Yourself, host Brian Colley catches up with Sopris Theatre Company’s director and designer Brad Moore and a few cast members as they prepare for their new play “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time”; plus music and more.
  • On this episode of Ask a Physical Therapist, Host Dr. Tanice Kitchener speaks with Dr. Caitlyn Tivy, DPT, OCS about Pelvic Health Physical Therapy Part 1: What is Pelvic Health PT and how can you make sure that a PT has the appropriate training? Who can benefit from it and how to get access to it?
  • On this episode of Immigrant Stories, Yoal Ghebremeskel talks about growing up in North Africa's Eritrea and his work at east Denver's Street Fraternity where young men, many of them immigrants and refugees, gather in the evening for conversation and recreation.
  • On this month's Living Permaculture episode host Vanessa Harmony interviews two local "Weavers" of Bioregional Regeneration efforts: Rita Marsh and Gwen Garcelon. They discuss the definition and origin of the term Bioregional Regeneration, and the guests' missions for land, people, and wildlife to live in harmony.