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police violence

  • KDNK News Director Morgan Neely has Friday's updates, including a look at Glenwood's looming Downtown Design Overlay, and how it could impact the pedestrian experience in the historic commercial district.
  • KDNK's News Director Morgan Neely has Wednesday's news, including longtime KDNK DJ Michael Francisco filing a racial discrimination suit against City Market and the Kroger Corporation for his arrest at the Carbondale grocer on Christmas Eve 2020. And, representatives of the Ute Mountain Utes want their 20,000 acre ranch near Gunnison designated as a reservation, while the Northwestern Band of the Shoshonee in Southeastern Idaho is changing the legacy of a tract of land that hides a fateful history.
  • KDNK's News Director Morgan Neely brings listeners the day's news, including how ancient cave formations in Wyoming are helping scientists better understand climate change. And, Telluride-based extreme ski mountaineer Hilaree Nelson is missing in Nepal after falling during a descent of the world's 8th highest mountain.
  • KDNK's News Director Morgan Neely has updates on the firing of New Castle Police Chief Tony Pagni. Plus, monsoon rains turn the Lead King Loop turns into a muddy mess.
  • KDNK's News Director Morgan Neely has Tuesday's news, including an update on the arrest of New Castle Police Chief Tony Pagni.
  • This story was powered by America Amplified , a public radio initiative. Justin and his buddies look like they're from a special ops team – they're...
  • Word-of-mouth sparked a silent vigil in Carbondale Saturday that drew an unexpectedly large crowd, including KDNK’s Amy Hadden Marsh.